To add the Instrumental you have two choices. The easiest way is to use Display Picture CD+G event. To do this you need to prepare the image that will say ‘Instrumental’ (and some music notes to make it look nicer for example), position the cursor in the place you would like the image to appear and click ‘Insert CD+G Event’ toolbar button or select ‘Insert CD+G event’ command from Edit menu. Here you need to select ‘Display Picture’ event and then load the image you have prepared. You may also change the way the image will be displayed and erased using Display and Exit modes.

Another way to add ‘Instrumental’ is to add it to a song lyrics in a separate line and synchronize it using the same way you synchronize words (i.e. press space as it begins). Then you need to insert ‘Clear Screen’ events before and after the ‘Instrumental’ word and use ‘Text Settings’ CD+G event to change the sweep color if you do not want the word to be highlighted.

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