March, 2013

How PowerKaraoke resizes images?

CD+G format enforces 288×192 and 16 colors images. PowerKaraoke uses image scaling and color reduction algorithms that reduce the quality degradation. But sometimes, if image is too complex, it is simply impossible to do is automatically. You may try preparing the images in 16 color and not larger that 288×192 using image editing software like Paintshop and then save it as BMP file. If the image matches the CD+G specification it is not modified by PowerKaraoke.

Are letters smoothed in CD+G created with PowerKaraoke?

We have deliberately decided against smoothing the letters. First, it does not look good on a TV screen (it may look better on a computer using software player), while the display time for the text increases a lot (nearly twice for one extra color and even more for additional colors).

Does PowerKaraoke allow editing CD+G files?

Unfortunately PowerKaraoke does not allow editing .CDG files. CDG file contains graphic information only, it is impossible to retrieve lyrics from it. However it should not be difficult to re-type and re-synchronize the lyrics to the music — usually the hardest part in creating CD+G song is to find a music that does not have vocal, and this step is already done.

How to add an instrumental break with PowerKaraoke

To add the Instrumental you have two choices. The easiest way is to use Display Picture CD+G event. To do this you need to prepare the image that will say ‘Instrumental’ (and some music notes to make it look nicer for example), position the cursor in the place you would like the image to appear and click ‘Insert CD+G Event’ toolbar button or select ‘Insert CD+G event’ command from Edit menu. Here you need to select ‘Display Picture’ event and then load the image you have prepared. You may also change the way the image will be displayed and erased using Display and Exit modes.

Another way to add ‘Instrumental’ is to add it to a song lyrics in a separate line and synchronize it using the same way you synchronize words (i.e. press space as it begins). Then you need to insert ‘Clear Screen’ events before and after the ‘Instrumental’ word and use ‘Text Settings’ CD+G event to change the sweep color if you do not want the word to be highlighted.

How to display an image with PowerKaraoke

The easiest way to display a title of a song is to to create an image using image editing software (even Windows Paintbrush will do) and then select it as a Title in the Pictures section of Create CD+G File dialog. To do this check ‘Title’ checkbox, click the Settings button located next to it and use Browse to select your image — it needs to be saved in BMP, JPG or PNG format. The image will automatically be rescaled and down-colored to match CD+G specifications if necessary.

What is new in PowerKaraoke 1.1.3

We have released maintenance update 1.1.3.

Along with some bug changes we have added a couple of new features that has been requested by some of the users.

- PowerKaraoke finally provides full support to Windows XP themes — it simply looks better under XP.

- From now on you are able to save all the settings you define for your song as a preset and reuse it later for a different    song. Version 1.1.3 also has many new bitmap display modes that can also be used in Clear Screen CD+G event.

- Toolbox menu have grown two new items — you may convert your CDG files into BIN and vice-verse.

Which CD drives are best to burn karaoke


You will find heaps of information about CD+G burning at I have been using Yamaha drives for a long time, but from what I have heard the latest F1 drive has some problems with CD+G. Also Plextor drives are known to do well with CD+G. What you need to make sure is if CDRWin supports the drive you are about to buy.

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